Nursing Jobs Australia

Nursing Job Opportunities

Nursing job opportunities in Australia are virtually limitless. Health facilities can provide work to a variety of nurses working across a range of specialties.

You can choose to work in major cities where there is a huge range of both public and private sector health services providing opportunities for all areas of general and specialist nursing as well as midwifery and mental health.

There is great demand for a variety of nurses across Australia. Join Australian Nursing Agency Network (ANAN) today!

General And Specialised Nurses

Nurses assist physicians and doctors in providing treatment to patients suffering from a number of medical conditions. With an innate desire to help people, we are always on the lookout for qualified and experienced nurses to join the ANAN family!

Mental Health Nurses

Mental health nurses work closely with patients to diagnose and treat mental health issues. Mental health nursing can be an extremely rewarding career. Related nursing roles can include drug and alcohol health, child and adolescent mental health, and psychogeriatric care.

Forensic Nurses

Did you know that forensic nursing is one of the fastest growing nursing specialties? It is one of the newest fields that combines medical care and the law. Find out more about forensic nursing

  • Emergency Nurses

    Working in the emergency room and with patients who arrive in a critical condition, emergency nurses are ready to handle the pressures of a hectic medical environment.

  • Outback Nurses

    While in Australia, you may decide to explore the outback or regional centres and practice your ‘bush nursing’ skills in remote areas.

Midwifery Nurses

ANAN receives a steady request from a variety of health services for midwives. Casual midwives are in high demand, as they provide a necessary support service during labour, birth, and postpartum.

At ANAN, we can help facilitate work that coincides with your travel plans and refer you to our affiliate agencies throughout the country if and when you choose to leave Melbourne. We’re with you every step of the way!


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