It is definitely NOT a scam, but it takes some time to get established there.

Using text taken directly from another source and presenting this information as your own. Whether the link is NoFollow or DoFollow will depend on the site’s guidelines. It's not made very much money, but I'll definitely do the same thing again if I ever submit to and get rejected by Seed again. Getting started landing clients can certainly prove challenging, which is one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed writing for Constant Content in the past. In this scenario, there is no pitching involved. When you're doing requested titles, there's a fine balance between picking titles most of your competing writers won't bother with (and so decreasing your competition) and picking titles that have money-making potential if they're not bought. It might actually do quite well because it IS specific. I wonder if buyers will be dissuaded because of that?

Any tips for writers looking to get their feet wet? Of course, generating that content takes time and effort, which is why many busy web publishers turn to sources like Constant Content to find articles and blog posts for their site. Making money as a writer any way you can. . Right now, it feels like “free money” when I receive a SOLD notification, but I’m actually just reaping the rewards of work I put in a long time ago. Have you ever written for Constant Content? That $85 piece referenced above netted me $55.25. Real estate? Few writers manage to catapult their workload from zero to full throttle in a few short months on the job. However, if it doesn't sell, what about posting it elsewhere for revenue sharing? Professional writing and editing tips nobody else will tell you. It also had a requirement to pitch a specific product. It can be confusing.Requested articles are a great way to start out before you know what people are buying. I sold an 870-word article just last week on Constant Content for $85. Thanks for your comment! Theme images by.

Beyond that the site is a real pleasure to deal with. I've had a few requested articles purchased and one not bought. (see screenshot) If you do the math, that’s a pay rate of approximately .10/word, which is a big step up from $5 articles on a content mill. Write what you will and sell it for a nice profit. Looking for more detail?

I no longer write for Constant Content regularly, and I haven’t done so in a few years.

Of course, you’re free to price your work higher too, though you should be aware of the market value of your piece. HayleyWriter,Thanks for that encouragement for writers. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate account suspension. I am very pleased with Constant Content & I have recommended the site to all the writers in my writers group.I am very pleased to be a writer published on CC! (You can't say "thanks but no thanks" like you can with AC.) . The book also explains how to make the most of friendly forums and be part of the writing community on Constant Content. Probably a bad choice by me but I'm still learning.Stevefon2004. No Way, Not in My Experience, defending HubPages from being thought a scam, HubPages Review: A Site to Write and Make Money. In fact, I haven't really submitted anything in six months (about to change that!) I've actually put together an ebook to help new authors succeed on Constant Content called "Sales Success on Constant Content". In the interim, however, you’ve still got rent to pay. That $85 piece referenced above netted me $55.25. I chose one last week and the requestor asked for a 1500 word article on a specific subject which I had to research. :) I've put less than 15 articles up at Constant-Content, though I've been intending to submit more since my last sale.I write a wide range of articles - from the social sciences to health related to science related to shopping. If you’re inexperienced and hungry for work, Constant Content pays a lot better than some other options. Constant-Content: Scam or Not?

When I first started writing online, I had little experience and no clients. Over the course of time, I’ve written 55 articles for Constant Content and 31 of those have sold. I am a bit concerned because while I do write articles well, I have NO professional experience doing so except for my own blog work. Yep, a single sale of my work earned Constant Content $30! Posts Copyright Nerd Writer Mom. Please check out the Extended Writer Guidelines.

Gary Vee’s Insights on Successful Social Media Marketing in 2020, Content Marketing Hacks: How to Revamp Old Content to Boost Your Google Rankings, The Future of Marketing: 5 Key Facts to Stay Ahead of the Game in 2020, Getting Audience Attention: Gary Vaynerchuk Marketing Hacks 2020, Gary Vee: Marketing in 2020—Why Volume of Content Matters, Poetry, fiction, op-eds, or first-person POV, The short summary must be an original description of the entire article, at least 30 words long, A full 1/3 of the article must be excerpted in the long summary, Typical article length is around 600 words. Any authors can submit articles for consideration, and if chosen, the work is purchased immediately. What kind of articles do you usually write?

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