Citing your source, however, is not enough to protect you from the legal issue of copyright infringement. It’s important that you make an informed decision about providing online access, via ProQuest and eCommons, to your work.

However, there are some similarities when it comes to the punctuation and presentation of both abbreviations. You can proceed without copyright permission if you are using something that is not copyrightable or is in the public domain.

These resources may be helpful: Cornell has a variety of resources to help you navigate everything from application to graduation. dissertation copyright fair use have the knowledge rest of your home tasks or for something. Your decision should be made in consultation with your Special Committee. The outcome of this subfactor varies depending on the work used.

Two copies of each permission letter must be submitted with the dissertation or thesis. The acknowledgment should be placed in a footnote at the bottom of the first page of the paper or chapter.

Use images created by the US government (.gov), which are generally, though not always, in the public domain (See e.g. ), Place the image in a new context or use it for a new purpose, Use lower resolution or thumbnail versions where possible, Use only the parts of the image needed for the purpose, For a general guide of the permissions process, go to this, You may be able to pay a fee to the rights holder in order to use material; for a portion of a book or article, an efficient place to begin is the, For reuse of content from formats other than a book or article (e.g. as if they are interchangeable, but there are several differences between the two. Find more information, The MIT Libraries have licensed certain image resources for use at MIT (not necessarily shareable beyond MIT), see.

or i.e.

For more information on these subjects, please see our Copyright Basics and Obtaining Copyright Permissions guides. in parentheses for professional and technical writing (e.g., your thesis or dissertation, future journal articles, etc.). This is the Latin abbreviation for “exempli gratia,” meaning “for example.” Use e.g. Academic writing is characterized by evidence-based arguments, precise word choice, logical organization, and an impersonal tone.

For instance, if you agree to get permission from the institution before publishing any images of items from its collection, you are bound by that agreement. When you use a work licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses, you need to comply with the license requirements (unless your use is otherwise permitted, e.g., by fair use). Keep a copy of the terms, noting the materials to which they apply.

Revised on September 11, 2020.

Is information that you plan to include from others considered “fair use” and are you acknowledging these sources correctly?

It is helpful for learning about legal precedents and judicial interpretation of the fair use doctrine. GIS, data management, statistical support, Wikipedia’s public domain image resources list, Beyond copyright: Terms of use and other considerations, Using database and electronic journal content, Fair Use Analysis Tool from the University of Minnesota, University of Texas’s Fair Use information, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, Works in the public domain due to copyright expiration, see, Works created by the US federal government, which are in the public domain, Works that have been dedicated into the public domain by their creator, for example by using, The MIT Libraries have agreements with many major scientific publishers, including Elsevier, Sage, SpringerNature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley, that allow MIT authors to reuse figures without asking permission or paying any fee. However, following academic citation norms can help improve your fair use analysis.

The outcome of this subfactor varies depending on the use. The font of an academic paper also decides the overall design of the academic paper.

Discussion of copyright in this publication is not meant to substitute for the legal advice of qualified attorneys. Fair use allows certain uses of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

It is possible to plagiarize even when you have cleared permission for all the copyrighted works. If your use of material is not considered a “fair use,” you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner. The particular style, size and weight of a typeface is known as the font. Uses that decrease demand for the original work by providing a substitute will weigh against fair use. When works are marked with code generated by the Creative Commons License Chooser, that mark is machine readable. There are four factors to consider when determining whether your use is a fair one.

Most uses in dissertations are not for commercial purposes, but that may change if you publish your dissertation with ProQuest or another commercial entity. MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style). In addition to the copyright issues, it is also vital to follow attribution norms within your discipline. or i.e.

Though sometimes thought of as long-winded or inaccessible, strong academic writing is quite the opposite: It informs, analyzes, and persuades in a straightforward manner and enables the reader to engage critically in a scholarly dialogue.

Additionally, you must determine whether use of the material can be classified as a “fair use” by performing an analysis of your use of each copyrighted item. Include a description of each supplementary file in the abstract of your thesis or dissertation. For more information about the distinction between plagiarism and copyright infringement, see below. Uses that are commercial weigh against fair use.

Avoid plagiarism, format references, etc. The third factor is neutralized if the amount used is necessary for a transformative purpose, even if the entire original work is used. As always, dissertation and thesis authors must strike a balance between the amount of evidence presented in the form of reproduction and the argument or interpretation that makes up your scholarly contribution. 17 March 2020 10:16 AM | Always use lowercase letters for these abbreviations even if the abbreviations begin a sentence, and always punctuate abbreviations with appropriately placed periods without spaces and with commas after the second periods (i.e., see the previous examples).

created by a third party in your dissertation, you need to consider whether copyright law allows your use of those materials.

For instance, the third factor would be neutralized in the use of the toy advertisement described above — all of the advertisement has to be used in order to achieve the transformative use.

or i.e.

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This includes: The fair use provisions of U.S. copyright law allow use of copyrighted materials for specific purposes without permission of the copyright holder. eCommons is a service of the Cornell University Library that provides long-term, online access to Cornell-related content of enduring value.

©2018, Regents of the University of Michigan.

You will have the option of selecting a Creative Commons license when you upload your dissertation or thesis to ProQuest, and your choice will automatically be applied to the copy of your work in eCommons.

Please note that search engines index content in eCommons, regardless of the choice you make for ProQuest. To use such font that is easy to read is the key to the successful presentation of your dissertation. We do this work everyday as part of our scholarship, and we do not consider it to be copyright infringement because of something called “fair use.” But is it really? Uses that fall under one of the favored purposes listed in the fair use statute (17 U.S.C.

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