Johanna Mason, a female tribute from District 7 and the victor of the 71st games, successfully used that strategy. When they vote, Katniss votes yes, while Peeta votes no. Truthfully, she still has feelings for Gale. The media plays the results of the judge's scores. Katniss and Peeta are the victors, but, having stuck their collective finger in the Capitol's eye, are advised to seriously watch their backs in the future. She wakes up sometime later, with Rue watching over her. It's almost as if she thinks that these thoughts cause weakness. (Peacekeepers—classic case of dystopia-speak. Afterwards, Haymitch, Katniss, and Effie watch Peeta's performance from behind the scenes. More media coverage: a glimpse into the fashion sense of the Capitol, which seems to believe that everyone should dress like David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust years. Haymitch’s relationship with Katniss has always been complicated. After he was throwing the bread to the pigs, he saw her huddled by a tree, looking miserable and hungry. In a flashback, we see that Katniss recalls seeing Peeta before—but the memory isn't complete.

Katniss finds Peeta, who's been unwittingly gathering extremely poisonous berries. At dawn, Katniss wakes before the rest of the pack. Peeta tries to talk to Katniss, who remains fixated on her vague memories of her previous interactions with him back home. The sun rises, and the voice appears again: the rules have changed. She's only focused on surviving. Katniss assesses the situation, and one of the other Tributes arrives to steal supplies without being detected. Katniss shuts his mouth with a kiss, and settles into his arms for a short rest. Peeta and Katniss move silently through the forest, but they're jumped by an enormous dog. Other tributes often use the scores to decide who will be a threat to them during the Games.

Once a year, one boy and one girl—called "Tributes"—from each District are chosen to participate in The Hunger Games, a gladiatorial battle to the death which is broadcast live throughout Panem. They're too busy drinking. Writing Help; Log in Remember me. She and the male Tribute, a handsome stack of baker's son named Peeta, stand together on the stage.

It isn't until the second book and movie that Katniss actually begins to be in love with him. The kids are injected with a tracker, and we get a glimpse of the control room for the games and the dramatic transport of the kids into the arena. When the good guys get Peeta back from the Capitol in a rescue attempt, Katniss rushes to see him. A cruel Capitol rules 12 enslaved Districts with an iron fist and a wardrobe straight out of Lady Gaga's closet, while the District residents mainly root around in the dirt with the hogs.
Katniss watches Peeta shiver with fever. One child after another declares their confidence in winning the favor of the mob. On the train to the Capitol, they meet Haymitch, the last survivor of the Games from their District, who's charged with advising them on what's about to happen. They spend several days training, planning, and watching the rest of the Tributes size them up like pieces of meat. [she hugs her mother] Katniss Everdeen: Don’t cry. Katniss and Peeta survive because they market themselves as young lovers to the audience. They also meet Effie, who picked their names out of a hat and apparently is also part of their advisory team. Katniss arrives in the center of the arena, and barely survives an attack from a Seriously Crazy Young Lady. Katniss goes about the business of survival. The Hunger Games arrive, and before Katniss is let loose, Cinna slips her a little present: the pin of a mockingjay (bird of the future and convenient symbol of defiance when the Capitol gets all up in your business) that she got from her sister when she volunteered to take her place. She grabs one more arrow and fires directly into the party through an apple in a roasted pig's mouth. He easily falls in love with her. Katniss runs into one of Cato's girls who likes to play with knives. Have we been set up for a sequel or what. Of course, it sure doesn't hurt that everyone's watching this little love scene. 4.Why is Peeta good at camouflage?

Katniss manages to saw the heavy limb down and drop the tracker jackers right on top of the pack. The Capitol changes their minds again and lets them live. Chapter 8 1.Why is the Gamemakers' score on Katniss's performance … Peeta and Katniss ride the train home, while Snow plots from the shadows.

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